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Video presentation: ‘Sistergirls' – Stories from Indigenous Australian Transgenders .

A ‘story telling' video-documentary of four Indigenous Australian sistergirls this documentary projects positive images of Indigenous Australian sistergirls - giving people an insight into why we live our lives the way we do. It also raises a number of issues that have, and continue to impact on our lives. Transgenderism within contemporary Indigenous Australian societies is often invisible, which may mean issues for sistergirls are often overlooked. The use of the term ‘sistergirl' is a self adopted term, recognising that the western definitions of transgender or gay do not reflect the culture and lived reality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander transgender people. Discussion about transgender/ sistergirl identity is ongoing, as there are no clearly defined boundaries. The relationships within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have their own unique make-up and are often entwined with other cultural and spiritual structures. The western identity construct of transgenderism does not easily fit within these structures. In the documentary the sistergirls talk about sistergirl identity and explain how this term is used in Indigenous communities.

Conference Paper
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Kooncha Brown , ACON
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