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Jo Harrison - Ageing conference paper 2006


photo of AGG conference 2006

This session acquired its title from the first part of the title of my own paper, which is:

Coming Out from the Shadows and into the Light: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Ageing – Celebrating Diversity and Taking Action.

For too long, older GLBTI people have felt the need to hide in the shadows, particularly when they are consumers of aged care services. But this is changing, and destined to change very rapidly in the near future.

Issues concerning gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex [formerly called hermaphrodite] older people have been almost completely neglected in Australian gerontology. Australian discussions of diversity in ageing – genuine diversity - have only recently begun to acknowledge GLBTI older people. GLBTI older people mainly remain invisible to the aged care industry and are currently experiencing fear of elder abuse and discrimination.

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The attachments below include:
a conference presentation from the Australian Association of Gerontology Conference,
a press release about the conference and
two articles from the Sydney Star Observer

jo_harrison_AAGConferencePaper06.pdfConference paper52 kBPDF
media_release.pdfMedia release125 kBPDF
sso.pdf"Aged But Not Forgotten" by Myles Wearring (news clipping)41 kBPDF
sso_nov06.pdf"Aging Gays on Agenda" by Myles Wearring (news clipping)36 kBPDF
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