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Coming Out

Footy poster #1

“Coming out” footy posters

“Which team do you barrack for?” took on a whole new meaning, with the launch of Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria’s (GLHV) “Coming out” series of 6 footy posters.


"It's a Catch-22": Same-Sex-Attracted Young People on Coming Out to Parents

This chapter explores teen-initiated communication with parents about very specific and usually unwelcome topic of teen sexuality - namely, attraction to a member of the same sex. The author reports the results of a qualitative study on teen and parent reactions.

Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) website

This section of the Victorian AIDS Council website offers advice and information around coming out for gay men.


Gay and Lesbian Switchboard (Victoria) Inc is a telephone-based counselling, information and referral service, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Counsellors are available daily from 6pm until 10pm, and Wednesdays from 2pm until 10pm.

To speak to a trained counsellor call 03 9827 8544 (metropolitan area) or 1800 184 527 (Country Victoria).


Excellent referral for young people to find out more about 'being gay' Being gay - What does it mean to be 'gay' as well as:

American Academy of Pediatrics logo

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy statement on “Sexual Orientation and Adolescence”

Published in the June 2004 issue of Pediatrics , the AAP's monthly scientific journal. This 6-page document examines barriers to health care faced by sexual minority youth and ‘reaffirms the physician's responsibility to provide comprehensive health care and guidance in a safe and supportive environment for all adolescents, including non-heterosexual adolescents and young people who are struggling with issues of sexual orientation'.


Gen Silent

Gen Silent is a documentary six LGBT seniors if they will hide their friends, their spouses, their entire lives in order to survive in the care system. (USA)


Families Like Mine - guide to support families and parents of LGBTGD young people

Developed by Beyondblue, this multimedia guide aims to support parents & families to reduce discrimination and promote an inclusive environment for LGBTGD young people.


Stop. Think. Respect - Beyond Blue campaign

These videos formed part of a wider campaign undertaken by Beyond Blue, to bring awareness to the impact of systemic discrimination on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people's mental health.



Web based support for gay, lesbian and trans teenagers (under 21).

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