Enhancing the wellbeing of Victoria’s GLBTI communities.

Domestic Violence


Coming Forward - The underreporting of heterosexist violence and same sex partner abuse in Victoria

Coming forward reports on the responses of 390 gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and transgender
(GLBT) Victorians to an online survey asking them about their experiences of heterosexist violence and
same sex partner abuse.

Abuse in Lesbian Relationships

Information for lesbians on violence and abuse in relationships, including stories about abuse in lesbian relationships.

Same-Sex Domestic Violence Project

The ALSO Foundation in conjunction with The Victorian AIDS Council, Domestic Violence & Incest Resource Centre and the Victorian Law Foundation, launched a series of three brochures aimed at addressing the issue of Domestic Violence in Same-Sex relationships.

Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project (USA)

The Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project is a grassroots, non-profit organization founded by a gay male survivor of domestic violence and developed through the strength, contributions and participation of the community.


Comparing Domestic Abuse in Same Sex and Heterosexual Relationships

This report outlines initial findings from the most detailed UK research
on same sex domestic abuse and first study in the UK to directly compare
domestic abuse in same sex and heterosexual relationships. The research
sought to increase knowledge and understanding of domestic abuse in
same sex relationships and experiences of help-seeking via the criminal
justice system and other agencies. It also aimed to examine similarities
and differences regarding domestic abuse across same sex and
heterosexual relationships, including how ‘narratives of love’ might be
used across these contexts to make sense of violence in intimate

There's No Pride In Domestic Violence: Gay and Lesbian Community Awareness Campaign

In February 2004 the AIDS Council of NSW and the SSDV Interagency Working Group launched Australia 's first major same sex domestic violence community awareness campaign.

Presented at the Health in Difference 5 Conference - 2005

The SAAP Sector and Same Sex Domestic Violence 2004

This paper will report on an ACON (AIDS Council of NSW) initiative to investigate the obstacles and opportunities in service provision to individuals escaping same sex domestic violence through the national Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP).

Presented at the Health in Difference 5 Conference - 2005


Same Sex Domestic Violence: A Pro-active Response

Same Sex Domestic Violence (SSDV) is increasingly recognised as a GLBT issue and consequently is more frequently reported within the GLBT communities.

Presented at the Health in Difference 5 Conference - 2005

The Second Closet: Domestic Violence in Lesbian and Gay Relationships: A Western Australian Perspective

This article was written by Lee Vickers on Family violence law and legislation; Sexual orientation Volume 3, Number 4 (December 1996)


Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre

Australian website focusing on domestic violence with a section specific to gay men and lesbians.

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