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FPA Health Same Difference Youth Panel Speaker Training


The Same Difference Youth Panel Speaker Training is a unique program in Australia . Trained youth panel speakers work in a variety of educational settings telling their lived experiences of being a same sex attracted young person and answering questions from the audience. The project is a structured and supported program with the objectives of providing young same sex attracted people with skills in public speaking, constructing a personal story, setting and maintaining boundaries and dealing with difficult questions as panel speakers. This free training is provided twice yearly to maintain a list of skilled and available speakers. The Panel Speakers once trained are paid for their speaking engagements. One of the aims of the program is to increase youth involvement and participation in the training of panel speakers. To achieve this F PA Health has recently expanded the program to train and support young panel speakers to co-lead/facilitate with F PA Health staff in the two day panel speaker training. This youth involvement ensures the panel speaker training maintains youth currency, models youth leadership skills and assists in maintaining relevance in terms of content and discourse. Another aim of the youth co-lead/facilitation project is to provide a level of youth participation and professional development for panel speakers who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the program. This paper will present some of the learning's of the Same Difference Youth Panel Speaker model and co-lead/ facilitator program. F PA Health is currently documenting the Same Difference Panel Speakers training program to create a facilitator's manual. This will provide a resource that may be useful to a wider range of organisations with a commitment to the professional development of peer educators.

FPA Health Same Difference Youth Panel Speaker Training a Peer Education Model for Affirming Sexual Diversity Challenging Homophobia in Education Settings.pdfFPA Health Same Difference Youth Panel Speaker Training: A Peer Education Model for Affirming Sexual Diversity and Challenging Homophobia in Education Settings49 kBPDF
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Liz Hammond