Enhancing the wellbeing of Victoria’s GLBTI communities.

Well Proud - A guide to GLBTI inclusive practice for health and human services

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Launched by the Hon Daniel Andrews MP, Minister for Health on the 3 December 2009, the GLBTI MAC, has developed 'Well proud' to assist the Department of Health, the Department of Human Services and funded agencies improve the quality of care provided to their GLBTI clients.

Well Proud draws on national and international research on the health and wellbeing of GLBTI people and on guidelines for GLBTI-sensitive practice and service delivery that have been developed here and overseas. The guide provides evidence-based recommendations aimed at supporting services to be more responsive to issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex conditions. It includes additional recommendations for specific health care settings, and for subgroups within the GLBTI population that have specific health and wellbeing needs.

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Health Service Audit, GLHV resource
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