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Legitimising Lesbian and Gay Parented Families Interdisciplinary Symposium - Proceedings


From the proceeding:

The symposium aimed to address important legal, social and health issues affecting rainbow families in an interdisciplinary forum. There are many groups in our community that are interested in lesbian and gay parented families including the families themselves, health and social care practitioners, educators and teachers, policy makers, professionals from legal and welfare sectors, researchers and sociologists. The symposium created a rare opportunity for these groups to come together, hear about the current issues and engage in discussion. This led to a better understanding of the complex issues regarding lesbian and gay parented families that are currently under debate within policy, legal and health frameworks. It will hopefully be the first of many such gatherings.

Aim of the Public Lecture

To provide an opportunity for community members, professionals, academics and parents to hear from a world leading researcher of lesbian and gay parented families with a particular focus on the children.

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