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Submitted by Sunil Patel on Thursday, 19 October 2006 - 5:08am. GLHV aged care service poster

These posters are designed to be put in the waiting room of health services to indicate to GLBTI clients that the service provider is sensitive to their needs.An accompanying brochure explains the rational for GLBTI sensitive health services.If you have an appropriate place to put the poster, we'd be happy to send you the material free of charge (Victoria only). You can view a PDF of the brochure and poster below. We have also produced a Sexual Diversity Health Services Audit which can help you to assess your organisation in terms of providing care for GLBTI people and perhaps high light areas for improvement.You can also view a PDF of the audit below and we are happy to send out printed copies to interested organisations in Victoria.If you are outside of Victoria, we can send you one copy of any if the above material free of charge, but will need to charge $1.10 (including GST) per item thereafter to recoup printing costs. Email all orders and enquiries to

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