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We often get requests from researchers who are conducting studies with a focus on LGBTI issues. Here is a list of the current survey requests. You can find out more by following the links to the survey page.

Experiences of Carers of LGBTIQ People With A Mental Illness or Having a Mental Health Crisis

This survey is designed to find out more about the experiences of adult carers of LGBTIQ people diagnosed with a mental health issue, or experiencing a mental health crisis. It is aimed at people who have had contact with mental health service providers in the past two years so we can get a sense of recent experiences since the introduction of the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014. The aim of this study is to ascertain what is and isn’t helpful and to learn from your experience as a carer.

We write to you as three researchers who are collaborating on a project that seeks to better understand predictors of suicidality amongst people living in Australia or New Zealand. We are particularly interested in the role of social norms and social connectedness in either increasing or decreasing risk for suicidality. Our focus is comparative both in terms of the two countries, but also in terms of the experiences of transgender as compared to cisgender people.

In order to examine these issues, we have developed an online survey that we are hoping you will consider circulating to your constituent members. Full details about the survey are available on the opening screen of the survey:

This research has been approved by the Flinders University Social and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee (Project ID 7430).


As part of my PhD, I'm undertaking a study to determine the effectiveness of a set of messages to reduce alcohol intake and improve well-being specifically for same-sex attracted women (including lesbian, bisexual, queer, and gender diverse women). These messages will be sent via SMS.

I'm looking for same-sex attracted women 18 years or older to complete an anonymous online survey that will take approximately 20 minutes.

The web address for the survey is:
The Facebook page for this study is:


The Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (VGLRL) works for and with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer communities to end discrimination and achieve equality and social justice.

Please help us better serve the community by completing this short survey so we can understand what issues are important to you.
VGLRL are interested in hearing from you about your perceptions of the police, reporting of crimes and how safe you feel. The VGLRL will use this information to proactively champion LGBTI rights, concerns and influence the way the police work with our community.


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