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Out & About

Community Out & About

Provided by Switchboard Victoria.

Gen Silent


Gen Silent is a documentary six LGBT seniors if they will hide their friends, their spouses, their entire lives in order to survive in the care system. (USA)

National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Ageing and Aged Care Strategy


Designed to inform the way the Australian Government supports the aged care sector to deliver care that is sensitive to and inclusive of the needs of LGBTI people, their families and carers.

Private Lives 2 Report


Private Lives 2 report

Living Longer Living Stronger - Exercise for Over 50s


The {also} Foundation in collaboration with the Council on the Ageing and the City of Yarra, and with sponsorship from Bendigo Bank, is launching an exercise program for over 50s.

The program will start on 7 July 2009 at the Richmond Leisure Centre.

Talking Sexual Diversity - article in Australian Ageing Agenda Journal

Journal article

While the aged care sector has been keen to grasp cultural diversity, sexual and gender differences remain largely undiscussed. But new research and
education developments suggest it’s time to start that conversation.

Positive Ageing - Older Gay Men and Lesbians. Policy Suggestions for Local Government


Council on the Ageing (COTA), the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) the ALSO Foundation and GHLV have jointly produced guidelines to assist councils in engaging with people from the older GLBTI community. The document has been sent by the MAV to local government CEO’s.

Ministerial Advisory Committee on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual. Transgender, Intersex health & wellbeing

Website link

The Ministerial Advisory Committee on Gay and Lesbian Health (MACGLH) provides advice to the Minister for Health and the Department of Human Services (DHS) on matters relating to the health and wellbeing of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) Victorians.

My People - A project exploring the experiences of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex seniors in aged-care service


This report is the result of a study conducted by the Matrix Guild and Vintage Men exploring the experiences of older non-heterosexual people as recipients of services and support for older people.

Elder Rights Advocacy

Website link

Elder Rights Advocacy (ERA) offers a free, confidential and independent service to older people (or their representatives) who are receiving an Australian Government subsidised aged care service in Victoria.

ERA provides advocacy assistance to support older people to uphold their rights.

Is Your "T" Written in Disappearing Ink? A Checklist for Transgender Inclusion

Health Service Audit

This question-and-answer fact sheet was written specifically for LGBT aging organisations and programs to help them measure how well they include transgender people and issues in their work.

Living Memory LGBT History Timeline

Fact sheet

To offer those who work with, live with, or love LGBT elders insight into their concerns, lifestyles, and belief sets, the Transgender Aging Network (TAN) has constructed the "Living Memory LGBT History Timeline." Divided by decade (starting with the 1920s), the timeline cross-references how old those who are currently ages 50 to 100 would have been when critical LGBT events or changes took place.

Older Lesbians and Gays Accessing Health and Aged-Care Services

Journal article

The paper examines older lesbian and gay people’s experiences of and expectations for the delivery of health and aged-care services.

The Lesbian and Gay Aging Issues Network (LGAIN)

Website link

The American Society on Aging is an association of diverse individuals that strive to support the commitment and enhance the knowledge and skills of those who seek to improve the quality of life of older adults and their families.

The Society is the largest organization of professionals in the field of aging. Our resources, publications, and educational opportunities are geared to enhance the knowledge and skills of people working with older adults and their families.

Providing aged care services for the gay and lesbian community

Journal article

The ageing of the Australian population is raising concerns within the gay and lesbian community regarding the appropriate provision of services for
older gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or intersex people (GLBTl). Many older GLBTI people fear experiencing discrimination, homophobia and elder abuse in disclosing their identity to service providers.

Imagined futures and communities: Older lesbian & gay people’s narratives on health & aged care

Conference Paper

In the present paper, a range of privacy practices
in aged care are examined, drawing on theoretical, policy, practice and research literature. It is argued that aged care policy makers and providers need to move beyond the setting of privacy principles and management strategies, and also examine specific day-to-day privacy practices as they occur in different aged care settings.

Coming Out, Coming In: How do dominant discourses around aged care facilities take into account the identity and needs of ageing lesbians?

Conference Paper

Coming Out, Coming In: How do dominant discourses around aged care facilities take into account the identity and needs of ageing lesbians?

This research questions how dominant discourses around aged care facilities take into account the identity and needs of ageing lesbians. A review of aged care policies that underpin the provision of services reveals that GLBTI needs and identities are not included or mentioned in the special needs groups. This may not enable the provision of aged care services to be culturally sensitive, safe and inclusive. The dominant discourses of heteronormativity, evident in the field of gerontology, fail to recognize and acknowledge diversity of sexuality and gender identity.

Building Bridges: a strategy to ensure older GLBTI people are able to enjoy a rewarding quality of life

Conference Paper

Building Bridges - a strategy to ensure older GLBTI people are able to enjoy a rewarding quality of life

A PowerPoint presentation from Australian Association of Gerontology 2006 Conference paper from GRAI in Western Australia.

Jo Harrison - Ageing conference paper 2006

Conference Paper

Coming Out from the Shadows and into the Light: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Ageing – Celebrating Diversity and Taking Action.

Are we there yet?

Conference Paper

Are we there yet? Key collaborations on the pathway to quality services for GLBT seniors in Victoria.

Navigating the pathway to quality services for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) seniors and carers can be a challenge.