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Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) - Auslan video


This short video in Auslan highlights information about Post Exposure Prophylaxis or PEP for gay men

Better Health for Gay Men - Auslan video


This short video in Auslan shares some essential information on better health for gay men.

Lesbian Health Information - Auslan video


This video in Auslan shares some important safe sex and health information aimed at lesbians.

I Do, but I Can’t:The Impact of Marriage Denial on the Mental Health and Sexual Citizenship of Lesbians and Gay Men in the US

Journal article

Do, but I Can’t:The Impact of Marriage Denial on the Mental Health and Sexual Citizenship of Lesbians and Gay Men in the United States reviews the particular impact of marriage denial on the mental health and well-being of gay men and lesbians and provides an analysis of the historical and cultural factors present in the United States that serve to maintain denial of marriage as an act of discrimination against gay men and lesbians.

Child Welfare League of America Best Practice Guidelines: Serving LGBT Youth in Out-of-Home Care (US)


This best practice guidelines book aims to improve outcomes for youth in welfare with accurate, up-to-date information about the best practices for providing competent services to youth who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT).

Writing Themselves in 3 (WTi3) report


The third national study on the sexual health and wellbeing of same sex attracted and gender questioning young people.

Problem gambling can harm all sorts…

Educational material

This brochure encourages GLBTI people, and their families and friends, to seek help if gambling is causing them concerns.

Rainbow Families and the Law - an information kit for same-sex couples and single people in Victoria


Comprehensive online resource produced by the Rainbow Families Council

Safe Schools Coalition Victoria

Website link

SSCV is a partnership between Rainbow Network Victoria and the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) as well as a coalition of schools and individuals dedicated to creating safer educational environments

Zoe Belle Gender Centre (ZBGC)

Website link ZBGC logo

This website is an online resource for sex and gender diverse people in Australia.

Congratulations to WayOut!


A youth camp owned by the Christian Brethren church have been fined for discriminating against WayOut, a suicide prevention group for same sex attracted young people

The Pinnacle Foundation are offering scholarships for young GLBT people


The Pinnacle Foundation are offering scholarships for young GLBT people whose education has been interrupted because of discrimination.

Addressing sexual orientation and sex and/or gender identity discrimination Consultation Report 2011


In October 2010, the Australian Human Rights Commission (the Commission) launched a consultation regarding the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people in Australia.

Not so private lives:


Not so private lives: National findings on the relationships and well-being of same-sex attracted Australians - University of Queensland.

“Coming out” footy posters

Resource Coming out footy poster

“Which team do you barrack for?” took on a whole new meaning, with the launch of Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria’s (GLHV) “Coming out” series of 6 footy posters.

White matter microstructure in female to male transsexuals before cross-sex hormonal treatment. A diffusion tensor imaging study

Journal article

Our results provide evidence for an inherent difference in the brain structure of FtM transsexuals.

Different families - the experiences of children with lesbian and gay parents (UK)


Research examining the experiences of children with gay parents from the UK.

What are we doing for LGBT people of faith and religion?

Community, Journal article

A call to researchers to undertake research on behalf of LGBT people from faith and religious backgrounds

'I couldn't do both at the same time' - same sex attracted youth and the negotiation of religious discourse

Journal article

This article appeared in the Gay & Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2008

Keywords: same-sex attracted youth, religion, exclusion, homophobia, coming out

Tips for providing paps to Trans Men

Fact sheet

A check list for health practitioners providing pap tests for trans men.