eNewsletter July 2014

Submitted by Sunil Patel on Monday, 28 July 2014 - 4:44am.

Director's report

It’s been a busy time in Melbourne with the city hosting AIDS 2014, the 20th International AIDS Conference. Many of those attending lost dear friends and colleagues in the crash of flight MH17 and our thoughts are with all those affected by this terrible and sad event.
The conference provided an opportunity to reflect on the changing nature of the HIV epidemic globally and the dramatic impact that improvements in HIV medications and treatment are having on the lives of people living with HIV. It also provided an opportunity to reflect on the remarkable work of LGBTI people and communities in advocating for social, political and legislative reform as a way of tackling the underlying discrimination that leads to higher rates of LGBTI physical and mental ill-health.

Since our last e-newsletter, GLHV has released its updated “who and what we” are fold out, Safe Schools Coalition Victoria has gone national, Ian Thorpe has come of age, and Professor Anne Mitchell has become an Officer of the Order Australia!

GLHV’s new fold out

Thank you to Micah for his excellent work in designing GLHV’s latest fold out. The brochure introduces GLHV’s key programs and features an image of Professor Anne Mitchell OA in full flight!

You can view the foldout on our website: www.glhv.org.au/resource/glhv-brochure-2014-updated-0 and order hardcopies

LGBTI Mental Health Conference

The National LGBTI Health Alliance hosted the MindOUT! LGBTI mental health conference in Sydney on 26 and 27 July. Courageous Voices: Seeds of Hope & Transformation drew together LGBTI advocates, mental health professionals, and policy makers from across the country to discuss ways of improving the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTI people. GLHV and ARCSHS were well represented, with two presentations on the Private lives 2 data, a workshop on LGBTI-inclusive youth services, and a presentation on trans* and gender diverse young people’s experiences of mental health professionals (Conference web site http://mindoutconference.net).

At the conference the Alliance released Going upstream: A framework for promoting the mental health of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. The document was produced by Liam Leonard (GLHV) and Atari Metcalf on behalf of the Alliance’s specialist LGBTI Mental Health Promotion Task Group. The document provides a review of current data and research on the mental health and suicidal behaviours of LGBTI Australians and develops a framework for promoting LGBTI mental health and wellbeing. A copy of the document can be down loaded from www.mindoutconference.net/2014/06/30/mindout-resources

GLHV in partnership with the Alliance was proud to host an afternoon presentation in Melbourne by James Moreton, a Scottish LGBTI activist who is also one of the lead investigators on the UK Trans Mental Health Study (2012). James was a keynote at the Sydney conference. A PDF copy of the report can be accessed from our website: www.glhv.org.au/report/trans-mental-health-study-scotland


Launch of Safe Schools Coalition Australia

On Friday June 13 the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) hosted the second National Safe Schools Symposium and officially launched Safe Schools Coalition Australia. Safe Schools Coalition Australia is an Australian Government funded program that will be nationally convened by FYA. Building on the incredible success of Safe Schools Coalition Victoria (delivered by GLHV) , the initiative will have a staged roll out into every state and territory in the country by June 2015.

The day also brought together political and community leaders, government representatives, principals, teachers, school staff and young people to share ideas and inspiration for supporting sexual and gender diversity in Australian classrooms and beyond.
Highlights included:

  • Presentations from Senators the Hon Scott Ryan and Penny Wong, footballer Jason Ball, and other community leaders
  • Seminars from experts in the field, including our own Roz Ward and Joel Radcliffe
  • Peer-led workshops
  • Case studies, stories and ideas from young people standing out against discrimination

The day was both an acknowledgement and celebration of all of the hard work that’s been happening across Safe Schools Coalition Victoria over the past four years. We’d like to extend a hearty thank you to all of our members schools and everyone else who’s played a part in making this program such a great success.

Gender Is Not Uniform

A coalition of SSAGD youth agencies, including SSCV, released a set of resources aimed at supporting gender diversity in schools. Gender Is Not Uniform includes a series of posters and an information booklet with images of gender diverse young people and practical ways in which schools can support their trans* and gender diverse students (www.sscv.org.au). The resources were launched on 16 May as part of IDAHO celebrations at Wyndham Civic Centre. The event was opened by the Hon David Davis, Minister for Health. http://safeschoolscoalitionvictoria.org.au/ginu/

Rainbow Network

Congratulations to Lottie and all those involved in Rainbow Network (RN) - membership hit 600 this month!

As part of its professional development series, RN is hosting a session on 28 August (RSVP by Thursday 21 August 2014) presented by Anna Brown and Corey Irlam of the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby looking at how recent legislative reforms impact on service provision to SSAITGD young people (details at: http://us5.campaign-archive.com/?u=aa864c79caf0177a44380c016&id=a3cf816… or www.rainbownetwork.com.au)

Aged care

Philomena and Alison have begun the roll out of the National LGBTI Aged Care training to aged and community care services across Victoria. The training is funded by the Commonwealth Government and managed by ACON and the National LGBTI Health Alliance. In Victoria, the training is being delivered by both GLHV and Transgender Victoria (TGV).The demand and response has been amazing with GLHV booked until early 2015. For more details contact Dr Philomena Horsley, GLHV, p.horsely@latrobe.edu.au and/or Brenda Appleton, TGV brenda@transgendervictoria.com

As part of the Sexual Health and Aging program at ARCSHS, Val’s Café is hosting a National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Conference. The conference is being held at the Melbourne Town Hall on 28 and 29 October 2014. For information on the program and keynote speakers visit www.valscafe.org.au

Training and LGBTI inclusive practice

Sunil and Philomena completed GLHV’s fifth HOW2 program in June, only to commence the sixth in July! The feedback on the HOW2 program has been fantastic. The sixth HOW2 is a regionally-based program and is being delivered to a range of different services in the South Eastern region. For more information on the HOW2 program contact Sunil.Patel@latrobe.edu.au or (03) 9479 8724.

GLHV is working closely with Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) as we begin to publicise the Rainbow Tick Accreditation Program. The Rainbow Tick is a set of six national, LGBTI-inclusive practice standards against which organisations can be accredited. Currently, QIP is the sole Rainbow Tick accreditation provider. GLHV is working with QIP to develop an LGBTI Rainbow tick training program for QIP accreditors. For more information on the Rainbow tick visit: www.glhv.org.au/glbti-inclusive-practice and www.qip.com.au/standards/rainbow-tick-standards/


The ARCSHS annual report 2013 (released in May) includes a section on GLHV’s work during 2013 (pp.23-25). A PDF copy of the report can be accessed at http://www.latrobe.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/582085/ARCSHS-Ann…

Liam has delivered two LaTrobe University podcasts on the work of GLHV.
The first is on the Rainbow tick and was recorded as part of La Trobe University’s public podcast series www.podcast.blogs.latrobe.edu.au/2014/05/02/337-the-rainbow-tick

The second is on the inclusion of sexual and gender identity diversity in workplace diversity policies and practices and was recorded as part of La Trobe University’s Masters in Business Administration, Values, Ethics and Diversity Unit. A copy of the podcast will be available on GLHV’s website soon.

Thank you to Felicity Marlowe who is leaving GLHV to take up a new position as advisor to Greens’ Senator Janet Rice. Felicity has been a great part of GLHV’s team of casual trainers and we wish her well in her new role.