November 2013 - GLHV eNewsletter

Submitted by Sunil Patel on Tuesday, 5 November 2013 - 12:38am.

Director's report

This is GLHV’s last official newsletter before our final Christmas edition for 2013. The year began with a restructure and the consolidation of a number of program areas: LGBTI-inclusive practice; sexual health and aging; and youth. The year ends with the continued growth of all these programs and ongoing structural and organisational change as we head into 2014.

GLHV has partnered with an increasing number of state and national organisations in 2013 and some of our programs and training will go national next year. Congratulations to Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, happy 3rd birthday, and to Rainbow Network for the upcoming launch of its new look and much improved website and Guidelines for establishing SSAIGD youth groups.

Welcome to Pauline Crameri who joins the Sexual health and aging team, and to Olivia Noto who is managing a three-month research project exploring the support needs of LGBT young people from refugee and newly arrived backgrounds.

On behalf of GLHV I’d like to thank Warren Talbot of the National LGBTI Health Alliance and Matt Dixon of VAC/GMHC, both of whom are stepping down from their roles, for all their hard work for our community.


Pauline Crameri

Pauline Crameri joins our Sexual Health and Ageing team working alongside Catherine Barrett and Carolyn Whyte on a range of research, projects and initiatives. Pauline is very familiar with GLHV having previously worked to develop LGBTI inclusive service provision at the City of Stonnington Aged Services where she worked as project officer with responsibility for facilitating and driving LGBTI inclusive care and support for the service. Stonnington Aged Services was one of the first organisations to be Rainbow Tick accredited.

Pauline says "the journey to LGBTI inclusive service provision was an absolute highlight of my many years working in local government and the home and community (HACC) sector, and now I have the pleasure to continue this work and a range of research and projects all with a focus on sexuality and ageing. I am extremely interested in peoples experiences of ageing and the responses of service providers and the community to support and meet their needs, and as part of our work I hope that I can contribute to good practice in the ageing sector and therefore positive ageing experiences for our diverse community."

LGBTI Inclusive Practice

GLHV invited to speak at CALD forum

In October Sunil Patel, GLHV's Training and Information Manager was invited to present at the second Multicultural Sexual Health Network (MSHN) forum. The forum titled "The other side of the rainbow: same sex attraction within culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities' was organised by Multicultural Health and Support Services (MHSS) ( Eighty people including community workers, interpreters, health promotion officers, refugee nurses, GPs, researchers and faith leaders came together to hear and discuss "What does same-sex attraction look like for CALD communities?", "Is there adequate support to CALD same-sex attracted men and women?" and "What still needs to happen?"

Sunil emphasised the importance of LGBTI inclusive service delivery embedded as organisational best practice regardless of individual staff beliefs. GLHV is discussing ways of working with MHSS to provide LGBTI inclusive practice training to service providers.

HOW2 program

GLHV has just finished delivering the HOW2 program in Geelong. The program was attended by over twenty five staff from nine agencies in the Geelong area. Running the session in one region allowed for cross agency networking, building pathways and links for improving the delivery of services to LGBTI clients in the region. A BIG thank you to Sussane Prosser from the GASP project for organising the training and for providing the best training venue we've ever used!

HOW2 program 2014

We now have dates confirmed for the next HOW2 program for 2014. We already have a list of organisations eager to participate and we'll be contacting them in the next few days. If you would like to add your name to the list please email for more information.

GLHV to roll out SSAIGD youth mental health training

GLHV has just finalised its partnership with headspace as part of the HEY Project. GLHV will be rolling out SSAIGD youth mental health training to all headspace offices in Victoria in 2014. As the HEY Project’s newest partner, headspace will become a mainstream youth mental health service that other HEY project partners can confidently refer SSAIGD young people who may be at risk of, or experiencing, mental health problems.


Happy 3rd Birthday SSCV!!

Since launching in October 2010, Safe Schools Coalition Victoria (SSCV) has been working with schools across the state to support sexual and gender diversity and challenge homophobic and transphobic bullying and discrimination. 115 schools have made a commitment and joined the coalition so far. Based on this membership, the coalition has provided professional development to over 4000 school staff. On November 1st, members and supporters celebrated the success of these three years with a special birthday event in Melbourne.

The event was attended by seventy members and supporters of the coalition and featured a diverse line-up of guest speakers, including representatives from partners in the Department of Education, students, teachers, community leaders, and a special address by the co-founder of the coalition, Roz Ward.

Rainbow Network's new look website and design

Rainbow Network invites you to attend its website and design launch, as well as an action packed afternoon of networking and information sharing.
You'll be introduced to our new and improved, user-friendly website, with a guided tour to get you acquainted with the ease of finding clear and concise information regarding SSAIGD inclusive practice when working with young people.

You’ll hear from members of QWest, QEast and Peninsula Pride regarding how each of their respective regions are working together to build stronger care pathways for SSAIGD young people and their families. To top off this session, we will work together to share ideas and map out a plan
of action for the next 12 months.

Tuesday 12th November
La Trobe University, Room 104, 215 Franklin Street Melbourne

RSVP by 5th November to:

All of us

SSCV and Minus18 are supporting the creation of a video series which captures the lives of young LGBT people. These short films will illustrate their school and uni lives, their weekend adventures and their hopes for the future. They will include the basic stuff, the boring stuff, the things that every young person has to do. The aim? To show young Australians that their LGBT friends are no different from themselves. To dismantle the idea of diversity in the abstract and provide positive, real stories from young LGBT people. The project aims to raise $7,500.
To support the project:


YACVic and GLHV are co-hosting HEY DAY on the 6 November at the Melbourne Town Hall. The event will be opened by the Hon Mary Wooldridge, Minister for Mental Health and Community Services with key note addresses by Chris Bush and GLHV’s own alumni, Professor Anne Mitchell. The HEY Project is an SSAIGD youth mental health and wellbeing initiative, funded by the Victorian Government and jointly managed by YACVic and GLHV. The day brings together the seven core agencies funded under HEY and the recipients of the HEY grants who received 12-month funding to undertake work that addresses the aims of the Project. If you want to know more front up at the Town Hall or visit

Other news

National LGBTI Mental Health Promotion Strategy

GLHV has been working closely with the National LGBTI Health Alliance as part of the MindOUT! Project, a three-year Commonwealth funded initiative that works with LGBTI organisations and mainstream health care providers to improve the mental health and suicide prevention outcomes for LGBTI Australians. In August, GLHV presented a national webinar on LGBTI-inclusive mental health care as part of the MindOUT! webinar series ( GLHV has also produced a draft National LGBTI Mental Health Promotion Strategy on behalf of an Alliance LGBTI Mental Health Task Group. The development of the Strategy has been funded by the Commonwealth and we hope the final document will be released in December.