What about us? Positive ageing is also a gay and lesbian issue!

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Positive ageing is about an age inclusive society with programs and activities that acknowledge older people as an integral part of society. This approach is the basis for a number of government and community initiatives that address negative stereotypes and attitudes towards ageing and older people. As legislation addressing discrimination against people based on sexual orientation or lawful sexual activity and recognising same sex relationships has been enacted across Australia , the focus also needs to shift to including gay and lesbian older people within models of positive ageing. This is particularly relevant within an environment of political and religious debates about the rights of lesbians and gay men. In Victoria , the ALSO Foundation has developed a strategic plan About Time! GLBT Seniors ALSO Matter to focus its action to help meet the needs of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) seniors. This contains 32 action opportunities focused on facilitation, advocacy, education and consultation, care and support, and social support providing a framework for ALSO, in collaboration with other organisations, to create a positive ageing environment for gay and lesbian seniors. ALSO initiated the inaugural Rainbow Tea Dance for gay and lesbian seniors and friends during the 2004 Victorian Seniors Festival and has established a steering committee of representatives of gay and lesbian specific and mainstream organisations to oversee the implementation of action focused on models of socialisation, care and support that are sensitive, respectful and inclusive of the needs of our diverse community.

Format: Conference Paper
Year of publication: 2005
Author: Heather Birch