GLHV is a inclusive, well being center for the LGBTQ+ community, we offer a wide variety of resources, news, critical pieces and cultural events. Exploring and spreading awareness for all LGBTQ+ health aspects, specially mental healt. GLHV is also home to a safe space, where you will find people with the same concerns as you, our directory can get you closer to help if you need it.

Whether it’s news, events, articles, literature, pieces of interest, research or LGBTQ+ history, we offer something of value for everyone looking for LGBTQ resources and experiences.


GLHV is a catalyst for progressive social change. Our hub for the LGBTQ+ community provides critical services for the community. Our commitment to you is to spread awareness trough our work, focused on creating strategic changes into our society covering the issues that most impact our beloved LGBTQ+ community.