Enough is enough. A Report on Discrimination and Abuse Experienced by Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexuals and Transgender People in Vic

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Background and methodology
This report is based on questionnaire data collected by a working group of the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (VGLRL) between January and June, 1999. Nine hundred and twenty nine members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities in Victoria (447 women, 458 men, 18 transgender, 6 no nominated gender) were surveyed. Participants were obtained via a
range of community networks in the Melbourne metropolitan area and country Victoria, and represent a diverse cross-section of the LGBT population.
Participants were asked to report on their experiences of discrimination and abuse in relation to
‘Employment’, ‘Education’, ‘Medical treatment’, ‘Police/other law enforcement’, ‘Parenting’, ‘Provision
of goods and services’, ‘Tenancy’ and ‘Membership of clubs, religious and sporting organisations’.
They were also asked to report on issues associated with the ‘Invisibility’ of their sexuality or gender
identity, their knowledge of the ‘lawful sexual activity’ amendment to the Equal Opportunity Act 1995
(Vic) (the Act), and to tell us what they thought were the most important social and legal priorities for
our communities. Qualitative and quantitative information was obtained.
One aim of the survey was to compare results with those obtained by Gays and Lesbians Against
Discrimination (GLAD), who published a similar report in 1994, based on data collected between
1990-1993 from 1002 gay men and lesbians. Other aims were to gather information as to knowledge
and use of the ‘lawful sexual activity’ amendment to the Act among lesbians, gay men and bisexuals,
and to establish a well-researched and up to date basis for future lobby work.

Format: Report
Year of publication: 2001
Author: Deb Dempsey
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