Fair For All - The Wider Challenge: Good LGBT Practice in the NHS

Submitted by Sunil Patel on Thursday, 23 March 2006 - 4:54am.

Fair For All - The Wider Challenge Good LGBT Practice in the NHS. NHS Inclusion Project Working for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health.

The Inclusion Project was set up as a catalyst to the development of a mainstreamed approach to LGBT equality and diversity issues in the NHS. Since October 2002, the Inclusion Project has worked to provide the base levels of awareness, knowledge and evidence of LGBT experience in relation to health and wellbeing and service use that has enabled the establishment of a clear strategy to address LGBT health needs across the NHS.

Inclusion’s first major publication Towards a Healthier LGBT Scotland identified the need to address the health and wellbeing of Scotland’s LGBT population. In the report the relationship between homophobia, discrimination and prejudice and the health inequalities experienced by LGBT people was
clearly evidenced, alongside the discriminatory treatment many LGBT people had experienced in the NHS.

Format: Report
Year of publication: 2007
Author: Paul Barton, Principal Author
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