The Health and Well-Being of Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Western Australia

Submitted by Sunil Patel on Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 5:41am.

From the Executive Summary:

The Western Australian Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Health and Well-Being Survey was a cross-sectional survey of women who lived in Western Australia and identified as lesbian or bisexual, or reported having sex with another woman. The project was funded by a Healthway research starter grant, and is the first comprehensive survey of this community. A wide range of health issues were explored including: community connectedness; nutrition and physical activity; cancer screening; alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; experiences of discrimination and harassment; mental health; sexual practices and ‘safe sex’; and health service utilisation.

Format: Report
Year of publication: 2008
Author: Zoë Hyde, Jude Comfort, Graham Brown, Alexandra McManus, Peter Howat