Policing for same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) young Victorians

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From the Executive Summary:

This project addresses the relationships between same-sex attracted, sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) young people and Victoria Police. Historically, relationships between Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ+) communities and police have been very poor (Dwyer et al., 2017). In recent years, Victoria Police have taken steps to improve these relationships including providing LGBTIQ+-inclusive diversity training, and introducing and then expanding the GLLO program. However, to date, there has been minimal research exploring the relationships between Victoria Police and SSASGD young people specifically.

In order to address this gap, this project aimed to gain a sense of the relationships and levels of engagement between Victoria Police and SSASGD young people. The project looks at how being both young and LGBTIQ+ affects SSASGD young people’s perceptions, interactions and willingness to engage with Victoria Police and how these interactions differ according to differences in sexuality and gender identity among SSASGD young people. The project also looks at how differences between local communities can affect the relationships between Police and SSASGD young people and how these differences need to be addressed by Victoria Police in the development of community-based SSASGD youth engagement strategies.

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