San Francisco Human Rights Commission on Intersex (pdf) .

Submitted by Sunil Patel on Friday, 25 November 2005 - 4:38am.

On May 27, 2004, the San Francisco Human Rights Commission held a public hearing to investigate the issue of “normalizing” medical interventions being performed on intersex infants and children.

The public hearing and this report resulted from requests from people with intersex anatomies for the Commission to explore the question of unwanted, “normalizing” interventions performed on children born with “ambiguous genitalia.” Specifically, the Commission became concerned that homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism were strong social forces that contributed to the decision-making process for assigning sex and gender to intersex children through “normalizing” genital surgeries and sex hormone treatments.

This report is a summary and compilation of materials, testimony, and information submitted by people with intersex anatomies, parents of children and adults with intersex anatomies, medical providers, academics, legal experts, advocacy groups, representatives of City agencies and departments, and the public. The report is built upon the words and ideas of those who testified at the public hearing, submitted written materials, and/or offered commentary on the content of the findings and recommendations. Every attempt has been made to accurately reflect the information submitted.

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