Cervical screening in lesbian and bisexual women: a review of the worldwide literature using systematic methods

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Contents page

Executive summary
1. Background

1.1 Introducing the social and policy context for cancer inequalities

1.2 Background to cervical screening and cervical cancer risk

1.3 Lesbians and bisexual women form a hard to reach population

1.4 Methodological critique of papers

1.5 Definitions of sexual orientation

2. Methods

3. Results from the review of cervical screening

3.1 To appraise what is known about transmission of HPV
and the relation to sexual behaviour between women

3.2 To establish the prevalence rates for HPV and cervical cancer in lesbians and bisexual women

3.3 Risk factors for cervical cancer in LB women

3.4 To consider LB women’s participation rates in cervical screening programmes in comparison to heterosexual women

3.5 To evaluate LB women’s risk perceptions for cervical cancer

4. Barriers to cervical screening among lesbian and bisexual women

4.1 Cervical screening is unnecessary for LB women

4.2 LB women believe themselves to be low risk

4.3 The screening experiences of lesbians and bisexual women

4.4 Disclosure to the healthcare provider

4.5 Presumptions of heterosexuality

5. International screening recommendations

6. International health promotion materials

7. Conclusion

8. Recommendations

9. Glossary

10. References

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Year of publication: 2009
Author: Julie Fish, De Montfort University, UK